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. On this page you can learn a good overview of who I am.  I then invite you to take a look around the other tabs and get to know what I can do to help you, your department, or your organization  take your efforts to a new level of productivity and success.

I would love it if you connected with  me through one of the social media network links listed above as well.   My preferred, or most used, social media connection is through our facebook community,  but twitter followers will not be left out.

Let me introduce who I am :

I am an ABMDI accredited medicolegal death  investigator and an ACFEI certified criminal investigator  working for the Crawford County, Missouri;  an author, speaker, trainer, and podcast-media  producer committed to transparency, integrity, and accuracy. I have  a tri-balanced background in law enforcement investigations, corporate leadership, and Christian ministry.

I’m a certified teaching instructor and criminal investigator with 30  years experience in the field of law enforcement and death investigations. I  hold certification as an  instructor for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, the Missouri Sheriff’s Association,  the Association of Missouri Deputies,  and the Law Enforcement Training Institute – (Missouri University Columbia),  and the lead instructor and facilitator for the Death Investigation Training Academy™,  and host its online podcast-media program for death investigators.

Download a copy of my CV here —-> my cv icon

How I can help your organization


I have  developed and designed  seminar and training  programs aimed at assisting police agencies, coroners, investigators,  and organizations to better serve their communities and teams. I  feel the best impact in developing  significance is to increase  productivity  at the local level.

Through Coroner Talk™ and the Death Investigation Training Academy,  I have built a peer to peer training community to assist  coroners and death investigators in  becoming  more successful  in their investigations.   I recognized the training available for coroners, ME investigators,  and police agencies was limited by resources such as time away from department and expense. So, I developed the Death Investigation Training Academy and the online media programs to fill that gap.

To learn more about training opportunities follow this link to:  The Death Investigation Training Academy         


If you have a case or an investigation that you would like a fresh set of eyes on. Or a cold case you would like reviewed, contact me and see how I can help. My involvement in your case will be at the level you desire. Consulting on death cases can be as simple as on online involvement through email and Skype conversations; or I can come to your agency and/or scene and assist in the investigation.  Let my 30 years of training and experience work for you.

To learn more about consulting fees and guidelines follow this link:  Case Consulting 

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Training  Options

To obtain a list and description of the most requested training topics that can be brought to your agency or region, follow this link to:  Training Options


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Online  podcast – media:

Coroner Talk LogoCoroner Talk™  is much more than just a web site. We are a community of professionals in the field of death investigation. Whether you’re a coroner, a member of local police or county law enforcement, an EMS professional, or medical examiner – or frankly, anyone in between, Coroner Talk™  is the right community for you.

We provide training and resources to coroners and death investigators by and from professionals around the world. Sort of a peer to peer training environment. I recognized that the training available for coroners and small department investigators was limited by resources such as time away from department and expense. So, I developed Coroner Talk™.

We provide training and resources right here from the web site through:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Downloadable resources
  • A private FB group forum
  • As well as through our weekly podcast where we talk with professionals from across the globe on topics that affect your life and job everyday.


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  • Autoerotic Fatalities – A guide to investigating and interpreting the scene 

This work is comprised of real information investigators can use to interpret a scene of a suspected autoerotic death. Full of information needed, yet purposefully lacking long explanations of research and controlled studies. You will find careful descriptions to help determine what these deaths are — and what they are not. The investigator will be equipped with the necessary skills to properly investigate this type of death.Autoerotic death investigations are rare, and knowledge comes from two sources; experience and education. Where you may lack experience with actual scenes, knowledge can be gained through education and research. My intention through this work is to give the investigator, regardless of experience or education level, the tools needed to properly interpret these scenes.

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