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Genealogy DNA Case Study

Put simply, IGG describes the process of using information about genetic similarities and known family relationships to generate investigative...

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Challenges of locating NOK in a transient society

. In this episode, Darren and Wendy discuss the Evolution and challenges of locating and notifying NOK in a...

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Challenges of social media in death investigations ep295

In this episode, Darren and Wendy discuss the good and bad of Social media as it relates to death...

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Avoiding Scene Mistakes

Due to the very nature of sudden and/or violent deaths, many things can and do go wrong in the...

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Death with Dignity –

In this episode, Wendy and Darren discuss the laws surrounding doctors prescribing suicide prescriptions and other forms of suicide...

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High Altitude Deaths

High altitude illness (HAI) is the current accepted clinical term for a group of disorders including acute mountain sickness...

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Summer Break 2021

I wish you all a very happy and fun summer 2021.  We are taking a break this year through...

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Truth in Podcasting ep 290

In this episode, I give my opinion on the Derek Chauvin Trial and I talk about truth in journalism...

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Establishing Decedent Identification

Several methods exist to properly identify a deceased person. It is critical that positive and accurate identification is made....

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Detecting Deception Part 2 – Classroom Training

In this episode, you get to listen in to a live classroom training where Mark Bailey is teaching on...

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