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Dangers of a Hoarding Environment ep213

Hoarding is a psychological condition that results in a person accumulating an enormous amount of trash and things of...

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30-Years of EMS ep212

In this episode, I talk with Bill Patt. Bill has spent his career in EMS and for the last...

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Sworn Statement – Dead Hiker ep211

Sworn Statement is a podcast exploring local cases and public safety issues here in Collier County. The first three...

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Testing Oral Fluids – SteelFusion ep210

SteelFusion offer rapid forensic and clinical toxicology testing utilizing Oral Fluid and Urine for the detection and quantification of...

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911 Behind the Mic with Brad England ep209

911 emergency dispatchers often are the first people contacted when emergency assistance is needed.  They’re responsible for determining the...

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Reclassification of 911 Operators ep208

911 Call Takers and Dispatchers are often the first investigators involved in death calls 911 emergency dispatchers often are...

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Dr. Maggot ep 207

The Science of Forensic entomology is the study of insects for medico-legal purposes. There are many ways insects can be...

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Bloodhounds ep 206

Reprint Article by Linda Cole The Bloodhound is usually unfairly ranked as less intelligent than many dogs, but that...

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Native American Burial Rituals ep205

Most Native American tribes believed that the souls of the dead passed into a spirit world and became part...

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National Coroner Week ep 204

Coroner Recognition Week  January 27th – February 2nd with the focus day being January 29th.  The first American Coroner...

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