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ep177 When Dementia Patients Kill

A prevalent concern, but under-recognized, a public health problem of distressing and harmful resident-to-resident interactions in dementia in long-term...

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ep176-Psychology of Moms Who Kill Their Children

The act of killing one’s child is unthinkable for any parent, but owing to long-standing cultural, emotional and biological...

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ep175 Murdering Moms – Real Stories

Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own child. The word filicide derives from the Latin words filius meaning “son” or filia meaning daughter, and...

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174 Professional Legal Investigators

Medicolegal / Death Investigation can provide a contextual view of the empirical evidence in both death and non-death cases....

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173 When Personal Problems Affect Our Jobs

No matter what anyone else says, no matter what we tell ourselves, trying to leave our personal problems at...

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172 Investigating Shaken Baby Death

The term “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS) was developed to explain those instances in which severe intracranial trauma occurred in...

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171 Suicide Journals – The writings of a 14 year old boy

Not every suicide will have notes, it is estimated that only  25–30% of suicides are accompanied by a note.But...

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170 Warming up a Cold Case

Subsequent to the original murder case Cain vs. Abel, there has always been a small percentage of murders that...

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We are on the move

We are on the move.  We have moved into our new facility and moving forward and upward.  The new...

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Las Vegas Shooting | Trauma Recovery Yoga

  When Joyce Bosen was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2012 after losing her son, a doctor prescribed...

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