Crime Scene Analysis

Consulting and Scene Analysis

* Missouri Agencies Contact Directly for in State Fees*

  • Retainer   $1000.00
    • includes 2 hours case review – email and phone
    • Written opinion initial findings
  • Hourly rate  $125 –  
  • Travel Time $50 per hour (not included in daily max)
  • Mileage .55 per mile

I am available to review cases with your lead investigator by phone/skype. Case information and photos can be emailed, and after review I will again speak with the lead investigator to determine what, if any, further information or direction is needed. 

All times are billed at quarter hour increments. Billed time starts from beginning of travel through conclusion of agreed upon scene review & briefings and return travel.  Retainer must be paid in advance and all other fees paid within 30 days of conclusion of my involvement or every 30 days which ever come first.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed and mode of travel will be at my  discretion. Please see Contract for Services for more information.

Accommodations will be provided by the retaining agency at the equivalent of a ‘Hampton Inn’, ‘Hyatt’ or ‘Hilton’ hotel. Any accommodations deemed unsuitable will be changed immediately at the expense of the retaining agency. Prior acceptance by is suggested.

It should be noted, that depending on distance and mode of travel, much of the scene equipment needed must to be supplied by retaining agency.