Using unconventional technology in death investigations

Technology has advanced the ease and quality of life immeasurably. Smartphones are handheld computers that can surf the internet; deliver emails, texts, and phone calls; take videos and pictures; make dinner reservations and track your every movement through various apps. Our cars can almost drive themselves with lane change warnings; infrared cameras; heads-up displays, cruise control with radar; event data recorders that record speed, braking, and seatbelt use; and GPS tracking in case the car is stolen. Home security cameras, Amazon Echo, smart TV, smart appliances and the like can all be controlled remotely through the internet. A variety of devices that are small and comfortable enough to wear, such as Fitbit, iWatches and the like can track our movements, heart rates, calories burned, number of steps and location.

As helpful as these devices are to their users, law enforcement to has come to discover that these devices can provide valuable, irrefutable evidence in criminal investigations.

In this episode

In today’s episode, I talk about several current cases where information from technology such as Amazon Echo, the Fitbit, and even a pacemaker is being used in criminal and death investigations.

We are used to technology such as DVR cameras, alarm systems, and public CCTV.  But today technology is getting smarter and smaller than even in recent years.

Runners and GPS

Runners and fitness folks know that wearable technology such as IPhone health app, Apple Watch, the Garmin wrist computer and other such items will track your activity, heart rate, even your location and routes.  These devices can be used to prove or disprove a set of assumed facts.

Cars and transportation

Cars today use GPS on their mapping device either built in or as part of an additional equipment. Plus, many cars and trucks now have ‘black boxes’ that record the driving and operation activity of the vehicle.  This information has record the last few minutes of the cars operation such as speed, skid, and other information.


How have you used technology such as this in your investigations.  Have you ever been able to prove certain unknown facts by using any new unconventional technology?  If so, and you can share, leave a comment in the comment thread below.


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