Spontaneous Suicide

blood stain on floor

In this episode Darren has a conversation with a student about spontaneous suicide. They discuss what it is and does it really exist. Referred to sometimes as Acute Suicide or Impulsive Suicide, the debate is whether there are suicide deaths by people who just decide for no apparent reason to end their life and no reasoning is known or can be found during investigation.

Also discussed in this episode is an invitation to you, the listener, to be a guest on the show. If you have a topic to discuss you feel others in our field would find interesting, or you have experience training  on a specific topic and would like to share with others, reach out to the show and lets get you on as a guest.

Medicolegal Death Investigator training is held twice per year at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, Mo.  To learn more about the course, and the exciting changes and upgrades,  go to www.ditacademy.org/mldi

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