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This page is dedicated to providing COVID-19 resources to the medicolegal community.  In addition to resources, polices from multiple...

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Professional Image – Maybe not what you think. ep250

If you want to be seen and respected as a professional, might I say you need to act like...

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Role of Managers and Administrators in a Medical Examiner/Coroner Office

Paul R. Parker III, B.S., D-ABMDI There is no greater honor than writing the last chapter of someone’s life...

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7 Superpowers of Effective Leadership

In this episode, we listen in as Anita Brooks talks with a group of team leaders about how what...

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Bonus-CSI Memoirs That Haunt the Soul – Tamara Mickelson

Have you ever wondered what being a part of CSI is really like? If so, here’s your chance to...

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Infant Loss Resources

Infant Loss Resources serves as a source of information and support for healthcare professionals, childcare providers, parent educators, and police...

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Evidence in Infant Death Investigation ep245

Evidence in infant and child death cases is many times very different than in older children and adult deaths,  infants...

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SUDI Standards with Kathleen Hargrave

All infant and child deaths need to be investigated in a systematic and standardized method.  The SUDI forms provided...

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Infant Death Investigation – Where to start.

Understanding the Problem About 4,300 US infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year. We often refer to these deaths...

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After the Police Leave

In August 1997, sixteen-year-old William Jenkins was on his second day of work at a fast-food restaurant in suburban...

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