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Venessa Tanner Story – Student Success

In this episode, I speak with Venessa Tanner. Venessa shares her story of becoming a Death Investigator and getting...

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Live – True Crime Conference

In this episode I play a recorded session I did at the True Crime Conference in St. Charles Missouri....

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Nursing Home Interactions ep230

A prevalent concern, but under-recognized, a public health problem of distressing and harmful resident-to-resident interactions in dementia in long-term...

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Bulletproof Spirit

The burden of dealing with tragedies associated with the day-to-day duties of police officers, coroners, and medicolegal death investigators,...

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Respect is Earned

If you want to be seen as a professional, you must present a professional image and attitude that will...

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Listener Q and A

In this episode, I answer several listeners and student questions.

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Psychology of Investigations

In order to determine the direction of an investigation and to prioritize leads, if necessary, death investigators must establish...

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A Medical Examiner’s View of the Coroner System ep225

In this episode, I talk with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Thomas Gilson of Cuyahoga County Ohio. We discuss the debate...

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Plan B Forensics

I this episode I have a conversation with Dr. Suzan Entwistle, DO, C-MDI about how she has combined her...

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Cops and Writers Sgt. Patrick O’Donnel ep 223

Looking to add an authentic edge to your crime fiction? Ride along with a real-life sergeant to give your...

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