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Sandbox Wars – End of Life Battles

Stephanie Payne, author of The Sandbox Wars, talks about the battles that can occur when end of life planning...

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Crime Scene Tech | Stefanie Elliott CST

Forensics is the study of the past as it relates to the present.  Criminal forensic is applying  science  to...

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Critical Roles Managing ME & Coroner Offices

Critical Role of Managers and Administrators in a Medical Examiner/Coroner Office Paul R. Parker III, B.S., D-ABMDI Overview There...

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Autoerotic Fatalities – Interpreting the Scene

The scene of an autoerotic death can hold a wide variety of problems and issues for the investigator. Filled...

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Autoerotic Fatalities – Asphyxia

Autoerotic deaths are accidental deaths that occur during solitary sexual activity in which some type of apparatus that was...

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Crime Scene Sketch Article

Not an original of mine but good information and training..

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Update and Evidence

On today’s show I talk about the progress of the show and give some updates as well as reveal...

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Why We Love Serial Killers – Dr. Scott Bonn

 Serial killers hold the fascination of the public, whether in true crime news accounts of individuals such as Ted...

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Burning Bodies – The Dame of Flame

[app_audio src=””]The human body burns predictably based it on its anatomical configuration of soft tissues and bones. Fire creates...

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Shaken Baby Syndrome | Craig Smith

The term “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS) was developed to explain those instances in which severe intracranial trauma occurred in...

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