Overcoming Conflict Drains-Live Presentation

Communication is not cliche and conflict does not just go away—on its own. Effective leaders are committed to improving communication and resolving conflict with courage, intentionality, and commitment. Yet, communication is continually an invisible drain for most people, stealing time, energy, money, resources, and even relationships from individuals and organizations. 

In this session, you will learn how to plug the drains keeping you from the results you want and need. Influencing well begins by communicating well. It’s not enough to know what you need to do, wisdom means implementation.

We will discuss the best approaches for having difficult dialogues, how to diffuse emotions that magnify conflicts, and insights on invisible drains hiding beneath the surface. Real people asking real questions real-time about their real-life conflicts, make the content in this session especially relevant to the 21st-century woman or man. When you learn how to relate more effectively in your personal and professional relationships, you will increase your productivity, profitability, and peace, at work and at home.

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