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I have a tendency to try and do everything myself and in some ways it is good and in many ways its bad. It is important to know and understand all aspects of your life and business, but that does not mean having to do all the tasks involved in making it a success.  It is true that we can all learn new things and become better and more competent in areas we are lacking; it is also true we all have 24 hours in  a day to live full lives, it is more effective to do what we do best and to outsource or delegate the tasks we  are either not good at, or do not like doing.

Delegating does not mean  you are shirking your responsibilities, it means you are a good leader who knows their strengths and is willing to allow others in who are better in certain  areas than you to successfully accomplish the end goal.  Delegating effectively takes trust and the ability to clearly communicate what you want and need.

How are you spending your time?

Are you doing the things you are great at? If not, what are you doing that you can delegate or outsource to someone who is better at and even enjoys doing those things.  This way you can spend more time doing the things you are best at.  Get Help Now !

About the Author
Darren is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement and criminal investigations. He currently serves as an investigator for the Crawford County Missouri coroner’s office. He holds credentials as an instructor for the Missouri Sheriff’s Training Academy, has served as president of the Missouri Medical Examiners and Coroners Association, and is certified and credentialed in numerous fields of investigation. He holds the position of lead instructor and facilitator for the Coroner Talk™ community as he speaks and writes in the area of death investigation and scene management.

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