KUSA 9News – Attacks Colorado Coroners | Bonus Episode

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 32% of Americans say they have a “fair amount” of trust with news media, (website HERE.)   KUSA Chanel 9 in Colorado has demonstrated they are an example of why Americans are lacking trust in Media.  A 9News staff reporter by the name of Kevin Vaughan has decided to go on a witch hunt against the Coroners in Colorado and in fact the entire Coroner system in Colorado and beyond.

In this episode, I respond to a news report broadcast by 9News and Kevin Vaughan where I was interviewed for a story and the Coroner system in America. I point out the misleading statements and the lack of ethical news reporting on the part of this reporter.

To see the full video story from KUSA 9News you go follow the link HERE. 

Here full story and my opinions on the audio podcast.




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