ILET Network – Its time to change the narrative about training

In this episode, I talk with Adam Kinakin of the ILET Network. Adam and I discuss the current state of law enforcement and public service professionals training, and what the future of training looks like. We go in-depth as to what we should all be expected when it comes to training going forward in the post CoVid world.

ILET Mission

Our goal is to create a collaborative network of instructors, trainers, organizations, businesses, and agencies around the world.  

Everything we do is to benefit our Men and Women of the Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Military Community. 

It’s time to change the narrative about training. It’s time to cut out the red tape and get the most practical, actionable training and knowledge out to the people who need it. 

Contact for ILET Network

To contact the ILET Network or anyone on their team visit the web site at:

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