Every Scene – Every Time ep216

The term every scene every time is certainly not new and is not unique to me. This term is credited to Steven C. Clark, Ph.D. of Occupational Research and Assessment, Inc. The term was first used in a 1999 NIJ research study setting out guidelines for death scene investigation and has since been updated to a 2011 revision. 

However, regardless of who first said it, the term is reelevate today as any time and needs to be explored regularly.  Many agencies have checklist and guidelines to help investigators properly complete an investigation and some are very detailed in their approach.  The NIJ guidelines are a bit broader and are meant to establish investigative tasks that should be performed at every death.  The direct quote from the publication is:

The principal purpose of the study, initiated in June 1996, was to identify, delineate, and assemble a set of investigative tasks that should and could be performed at every death scene. These tasks would serve as the foundation of the guide for death scene investigators……..

In this podcast, I break down the areas outlined by the NIJ publication.  Each section has several points and will establish a path of investigation for every death scene.  With these basic foundations, an investigator can insert their local policies and ensure a complete and appropriate investigation every time.

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