Effects of Mass Media on Police ep275

In this growing attack on law enforcement by the far left and the mass media is it any wonder that police officers are suffering more mental health issues than ever before.  Since the Michael Brown incident of 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, and the systematic destruction and division of the public trust toward police by then President Obama and his staff, there has been a steady and growing attack on law enforcement by mass media.

Truth is not necessary to the media companies when their goal is to destroy and divide a nation.  The best place to start is race baiting and making the very men and women who protect society the enemy.   Combine the two along with a strong bend toward a socialist society and they have all the tools they need to start the fire.

Law enforcement and other related role are suffering attacks both physical and mental at a rate never seen before. This buildup of hate and threats as well as actual harm is causing many officers to quit or at least back off from the front lines knowing they are not supported in their job duties.  It’s not long before this weighs heavy on the minds and health of a person.

In the episode Anita Brooks and Darren Dake at length about this issue and how the media is adding to if not orchestrating this attack on law enforcement.  This show contains strong opinions back by facts.

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