7 Superpowers of Effective Leadership

In this episode, we listen in as Anita Brooks talks with a group of team leaders about how what they do and how they do it has a great impact on the overall success of the team function.  In this segment, we play the portion of the training where Anita describes the 7 Superpowers of an Effective Leader. 

These superpowers as Anita describes them are

  1. Monitor your mind’s mouth – watch your self-talk
  2. Treat people as human beings, not as objects
  3. Listen (to hear) twice as much as you speak
  4. Practice Appreciation:  Express it, Show it, Share it
  5. Choose integrity in Every Moment
  6. Become an Intentional Promise-Keeper
  7. Measure Your Progress with a Quarterly Leadership S.W.O.T Analysis

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