20/20 Vision-What we do Matters

In this episode, the last of 2019, I discuss changes that are taking place in the new year. The podcast will go to monthly themes so we can dive deeper into training topics rather than bounce around through random unconnected topics.

We also discuss the improvements and changes being made to the Medicolegal Death Investigator Online Academy Course. This course has been moved to a new platform and many improvements have been made to the course design and available material. Check out the course at this link: https://www.ditacademyonline.org/

Also, I talk about the thought that “What we do Matter”. What I do matters and what you do matters in the work we do. Everyone at the Coroner Talk Podcast understands that we make a significate influence in the area of death investigation and we do not take that lightly. What we do matter to investigators, families, and case outcomes. What you do everyday matters fo the same reasons.

Welcome to 2020, the year of clear vision. I truly thank you for coming along in the ride with me and look forward to a great year.

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