173 When Personal Problems Affect Our Jobs

No matter what anyone else says, no matter what we tell ourselves, trying to leave our personal problems at the door just doesn’t work. They follow us inside. Every. Single. Time.

Whether we want to leave work problems at the job site, or problems at home inside our four walls, we can’t escape the things niggling at our minds. We get it. Both of us, Darren and Anita, know what it’s like to juggle deadlines and private crisis. Who of us hasn’t battled one or more of the following? Financial hardship, broken relationships, worry over family members, concern for friends, deadline pressures, someone upset with us, unexpected health crisis, a death of someone we love, or any other difficult news.

You are not alone in dealing with big problems while trying not to fall behind. We’ve been there, and though we don’t have all the answers, we offer compassion, encouragement, and hope, in our efforts to help you accomplish all you are meant to do.

Problems Versus Productivity Analysis:

  1. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the true problem. We often lose volumes of time and energy barking up the wrong tree. Go directly to those you are in a conflict with, (not to others), and with listening ears, seek to make sure you understand the heart of the real problem. Often, we discover what we believed to be true was not the case at all. An open mind, and willing spirit often resolve a problem with no more effort than taking the courage to go directly to the source.
  2. Get intentional about separating facts from your emotions. Take a pen and paper, or use a computer program, to make two lists. On one, list every specific fact you have regarding the situation. A fact is verifiable, specific, and supportable through documentation, recorded footage, unbiased witnesses, etc. Now do the same with your feelings. This may get uncomfortable but facing your emotions with truth and clarity is a real key to solving problems. Compare the lists and see how much of what you perceive is based on fact, and how much is based on feeling. This will enable you to release imagined and inflated issues, freeing you to make informed decisions and move back into a productive swing.
  3. Don’t run too far and too fast ahead of yourself. In our efforts to tackle problems, and move past them as quickly as possible, we sometimes rush to a quick-fix solution. However, an immediate decision may actually prolong your attempts to find a true resolution. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean analyzing something to death, but it does mean slowing down enough to evaluate the facts, and asking others to give you a precise amount of time to process your thoughts clearly. If possible, give yourself twenty-four hours after coming to a conclusion, before taking action.
  4. Compare your pros and cons. Most of us have heard this before. But how many of us take the time to actually compare lists of pros and cons? There’s something powerful about visualizing things to help us see things from a different angle. This kind of exercise can provide just the creative leap we need, moving us from problem paralysis to productive progress.
  5. Make a decision and stand by it. Untold hours are lost to questioning ourselves once a decision is made.

Episode Guest

Anita Agers-Brooks

Inspirational Business/Life Coach, International Speaker, Host of Fresh Faith Inspy on Periscope and YouTube, (as Anita Fresh Faith), and Author of…
Amazon Best Seller, Golden Scroll Finalist, and Readers’ Favorite Award winner: Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over — Barbour Publishing
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