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Is it okay not to be okay?

The burden of dealing with tragedies associated with the day-to-day duties of police officers, coroners, and medicolegal death investigators,...

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Crime Scene Phone Apps

The number of forensic apps available for mobile phones appears to be growing with many current technologies focusing on...

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Hoarding Behavior

Hoarding is a psychological condition that results in a person accumulating an enormous amount of trash and things of...

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Infant Loss Resources | Affiliate Instructors

Infant Loss Resources serves as a source of information and support for healthcare professionals, childcare providers, parent educators, and police...

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BoneID.net and 31 Genders

BoneID is a visual guide for forensic anthropologists, law enforcement, naturalists, and the simply curious. This site’s extensive and...

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Death and Transgender – The Laws v. Reality

This year a law goes in effect in California that will require Coroners and  Medical Examiners to record the...

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Using unconventional technology in death investigations

Technology has advanced the ease and quality of life immeasurably. Smartphones are handheld computers that can surf the internet;...

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Have you ever had to do a removal from a tight space or crowded house.  Cots wont’ fit and...

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LIVE Q and A – STS-Conflict-Culture

This episode is a recording of a live Q and A session that was held for the MLDI online...

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Controlling Odor

A decomposing body goes through four stages: autolysis, bloat, active decay, and skeletonization. During the second stage, trapped gases that are...

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