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Abolishing the Coroner System

A coroner is a government official. The standard role of a coroner is to confirm and certify the death...

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Badge of Life – Police Suicide

Too often we confuse “stress” with “trauma.”  Stress happens, but trauma happens TO you.  Stress is an expected part...

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Toxicology – Dr. Judy Melinek

Toxicology testing is a vital piece of  the post mortem investigative puzzle.  Many investigators confuse the importance of toxicology...

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Crime Scene Forensics 101

Forensics is the study of the past as it relates to the present.  Criminal forensic is applying  science  to...

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Is your job destroying your family

Police work and in particular, death investigation,   is one of the most stressful jobs in this country. Day...

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Investigative Triangle – Panel Discussion

Every crime scene presents unique obstacles for the investigator, but in a death investigation three elements will always exists...

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Arrival and Cooperation at Crime Scene

The first officers on any scene can be faced with chaos in trying to secure the scene, check for...

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Live Training – Death Scene Investigation

In this episode of Coroner Talk™  I give you a sample portion of a live training  I  did on...

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Cold Case Investigation

Subsequent to the original murder case Cain vs. Abel, there have always been a small percentage of murders that...

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Standardizing Crime Scene Investigations

Crime scene investigation is an indispensable part of our work, which will have a direct impact on the success...

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